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Hi! I am an undergraduate Physics student at Imperial College London, with a passion for science communication, programming, photography, and technical theatre.

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Some of the things I have worked on:


A Python-based GUI application for interpolating and analysing interferometry data. Created during an internship with the Plasma Physics group at Imperial College London.


A translation engine for words and phrases that uses Wikipedia's linked network of articles to find correct translations for complicated and scientific terms.
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Winner in the Best Educational Hack category of IC Hack 2020. A slideshow editor focusing on giving you complete freedom in designing delightful transitions
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Dimension Surfer

A Python game that showcases the mathematical concept of higher dimensions through a simple platform mechanic with a twist. Used Blender to generate level data.


An ID badge based on the Raspberry Pi Zero. In this project it randomly displayed audience submissions, but I've also used this hardware platform for other Pi experiments.

DMX Controller

Based on a PIC18 microprocessor with all of the code written in Assembly, this collaborative project outputs DMX (a data format for stage lighting).


A very simple, GDPR-compliant web analytics app that gathers the bare minimum of information while respecting the users' privacy.

WYD Dictionary

I've created the front end for a dictionary project for the World Youth Days in 2016. It interfaced with a SQLite database to provide browsing, searching, and submitting capabilities.
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